Barossa Shiraz and any wine for that matter, is too precious to waste. Especially if you have been carefully cellaring the wine to taste and enjoy for a few years. So, here’s Pete’s take on wine closures!

There is not a bottle of wine on this planet that needs a cork closure. The only things that need cork, which is sourced from the bark of cork trees, are the trees themselves!

The argument for continuing centuries of tradition by using corks is now widely discredited. Cork can cause foreign aromas and flavours to taint wine and when bad, these “off” characteristics range from rotten apples, wet hessian bags and musty old carpet. When slight, wine can have suppressed aromas and flavours and be somewhat lifeless. The poor winemaker cannot be blamed for these faults, it’s the dodgy cork! Additionally, cork will shrink with age and allow air to penetrate and oxidise the wine – another avenue to damage the integrity of the wine.

The bad news is that winemakers generally agree with the figure that about 1 in every 12 bottles of wine under cork will be affected by taint, with its consequent invasive “off” aromas and flavours.

Screw caps on the other hand are inert, provide air tight seals and are completely stable. The wine under this form of closure will open up as the winemaker intended, with its intensity, aromas and flavours intact.

Obviously we do not use cork for our own wines – never have, never will……..